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400m from the sea

Near Saint Raphael Frejus Bed and Breakfast

36 Km of coastline to explore... The rugged coastline has a wide range of beaches : sandy, pebbled or shaded shingle beaches, creeks and calanques.


400M from B&B La Potinière : THE BEACHES OF BOULOURIS

After teh Santa Lucia marina of Saint Raphaël the jagged coastline creates som beautiful landscapes with intimate beaches cut out of the red rock. Along the coastal path lie many isolated coves. Shaded by the trees which line the gardens of the splendid 19th century villas, it's a quiet area per fect for bathing and walking.


At the foot of the Estérel lie a dozen coves and small rocky beaches set in a wild landscape. The Corniche d'Or road, opened in 1903, is cut into the rock and offers several parking areas where you can enjoy the views of walk down to the bottom of the coves.

These isolated and quieter beaches are ideal for snorkelling. Part of this coast is protected and here all forms of fishing are prohibited. You will be in awe of the pine-covered, red rock moutains of the Estérel plunging into the turquoise waters.



We are PADI divers !

With beautiful dive sites, Saint-Raphael guarantees marvellous discoveries of the Mediterranean underwater scenery.

Saint-Raphaël has received the “France Station Nautique” Stamp of quality.